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Simplified Guide to Registering a BV with the 30% Ruling in The Netherlands

Setting up a business in The Netherlands with the 30% ruling can be straightforward if you follow the right steps. This guide outlines the process for both new and existing 30% ruling holders.

Registering a New Company with the 30% Ruling:

  1. Check 30% Ruling Eligibility: Ensure you meet the prerequisites before proceeding.

  2. Establish a Business Address: Choose a location for your Dutch BV.

  3. Online BV Registration: We can register your BV from abroad, completely online.

  4. Draft a 30% Employment Agreement: Sign this contract as a BV director before relocating.

  5. Immigrate to The Netherlands: Move only after completing the above steps.

  6. Obtain a BSN Number: Necessary for EU and non-EU citizens alike.

  7. Start the 30% Application Process: Initiate this with the Dutch Tax Authorities once you have your BSN.

  8. Commence Business Operations: Apply the 30% ruling retroactively from your employment start date.

Transferring an Existing 30% Ruling:

  1. Eligibility Confirmation: Same as for new applicants.

  2. Online BV Registration: Register your BV at your Dutch address.

  3. 30% Employment Agreement: Ensure correct documentation.

  4. Transfer 30% Ruling: We assist in correctly transitioning your existing 30% ruling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • BV Setup in 30% Ruling Package: Hiring from outside The Netherlands is required; additional notarial and KYC work is involved.

  • Using 30% Ruling with Eenmanszaak: Not applicable; an employment contract with a BV is necessary.

  • Maintaining 30% Ruling After Unemployment: You have a 3-month window post-employment to apply for a new ruling.

  • Passport Nationality's Impact: No bearing on the 30% ruling, only affects residence and work permit.

  • Salary Expectations with BV + 30% Ruling: Follow a simple formula to calculate your potential salary.

  • Switching to Regular Employment: Possible with a new application, without needing to be hired from abroad.

Registering a BV and applying the 30% ruling in The Netherlands can offer significant benefits for entrepreneurs. Follow these streamlined steps for a smooth setup process, or - meet with and consider hiring us to assist you and save you time, money, stress and hassle with this and many other important services when moving to The Netherlands from the USA.

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