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Understanding Family Benefits under the DAFT Visa in The Netherlands

Applying for the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) visa is a significant decision, not just for you but for your family as well. This article provides an overview of how your family can benefit from your DAFT visa application.

Main Applicant’s Position Under DAFT: As a DAFT visa holder, you can work as a self-employed individual in a company where you hold at least a 25% share. After your first IND meeting, you’ll receive an endorsement sticker in your passport allowing you to work in The Netherlands, exclusively as a self-employed person.

Benefits for Spouses and Underage Children:

  • Spouses and children under 18 can join the main applicant under DAFT.

  • They receive a visa for self-employment or regular employment in The Netherlands, a broader scope than the primary applicant.

  • They can work in regular employment after the final DAFT verdict.

Limitations for Adult Children and Parents:

  • Adult children (18+) and parents of the main applicant cannot join under DAFT.

  • They must apply for a separate visa or pursue an Article 8 EVRM application if dependent on the main applicant.

Documentation Requirements for Family Members:

  • Registration at the local municipality is required with original and apostilled birth certificates for each family member.

  • Additional documents may be needed for children from previous relationships or deceased partners.

Schooling Benefits for Children:

  • Under DAFT, business setup in The Netherlands allows expensing schooling costs for children at expat schools, particularly under a BV company with the 30% ruling.

  • This benefit is not available under a regular ZZP/Eenmanszaak or a BV without the 30% ruling.

Relocation Cost Compensation:

  • If you set up a Dutch BV company before moving, you can receive tax-free compensation for your family's relocation costs, including plane tickets and household goods moving expenses.

Driver’s License Exchange:

  • DAFT visa holders and their spouses can swap their non-EU driver’s licenses for a Dutch one under the 30% ruling, without a Dutch driving exam.

The DAFT visa not only opens entrepreneurial opportunities for you in The Netherlands but also offers significant benefits for your family members. Understanding these aspects ensures a smoother transition for your entire family.

Setup a meeting to discuss with us your situation, goals & how our services can save you time, money and stress through managing many of the tougher and more complex aspects involved in your move to The Netherlands.

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