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What is the DAFT Visa? The DAFT, established in 1956, allows American citizens to obtain Dutch residency for entrepreneurship, given a substantial investment in a Dutch business.

Substantial Investment Defined To qualify for the DAFT visa, a €4,500 investment in your Dutch company is required. This amount should remain in your company's bank account throughout the visa period.

Choosing Your Company Form DAFT applicants can opt for an Eenmanszaak (ZZP) or a BV (Dutch limited company). The choice depends on expected profits and tax considerations, with the BV being more tax-efficient for higher earnings.

Visa Validity and Extensions Initially valid for two years, the DAFT visa can be extended for five more years. It restricts the holder to work only in their own company.

Family Member Benefits Spouses, unmarried partners, and children can join the primary visa holder, with the freedom to work in any capacity.

Tax Benefits and Considerations DAFT necessitates setting up a Dutch company, influencing the tax benefits you can receive. The Netherlands-USA tax treaty also plays a crucial role in determining your tax liabilities.

Freelance Company Formation: BV vs. ZZP When setting up a business in The Netherlands, choosing between a BV and a ZZP/Eenmanszaak is critical, especially regarding the 30% ruling eligibility and tax implications.

Tax Comparison: BV + 30% Ruling vs. ZZP/Eenmanszaak Both company forms have unique tax benefits, with the BV being more advantageous for higher profits, especially under the 30% ruling.

Additional Perks for BV Holders Holders of a BV, particularly with the 30% ruling, can enjoy benefits like relocation cost expensing, schooling cost coverage for children, and a free driver’s license swap.

Understanding the DAFT visa intricacies is key to a successful business venture in The Netherlands. Whether choosing a BV or ZZP, consider the long-term financial and operational impacts.

For personalized assistance and detailed insights into the DAFT visa process, setup a meeting to discuss and the myriad other things to consider when moving to The Netherlands.

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